Corporate Wellness

A comprehensive corporate wellness program is essential for employee health, moral, and productivity.  Consider adding the desk to bikini™ program to your corporate wellness program as it’s the perfect solution for corporate decision makers looking to promote energy and efficiencies throughout the workday, while mitigating the negative effects of prolonged sitting.

This one-of-a-kind and innovative program offers a convenient and effective way to keep employees active and engaged, while promoting overall health and wellness. With its desk and home workout options, it’s easy to integrate into any busy schedule, making it the perfect addition to your list of wellness programs. Help your employees achieve their best, both physically and mentally, with the desk to bikini™ program.

Sitting for extended periods of time has been linked to numerous negative health effects, including increased risk of heart disease, obesity, and back/neck pain. These health concerns can lead to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and higher healthcare costs for your organization.

The desk to bikini™ program offers a solution to these problems, helping employees maintain energy levels and combat the negative effects of sitting. By providing desk-based workouts and other simple exercises that can be done throughout the day, the program promotes an active and healthy lifestyle that can improve overall wellbeing and productivity. Don’t let sitting negatively impact your employees and your bottom line.

There are several highly credible sources that have reported on the negative effects of prolonged sitting. Here are a few of them:

  1. Mayo Clinic:
  2. Sitting Too Much Increases Cancer Risk in Women
  1. American Physical Therapy Association (APTA):

These sources provide detailed information on the health risks associated with prolonged sitting, including increased risk of heart disease, obesity, and back pain, among others. They also offer advice on how to reduce the negative effects of sitting, such as taking frequent breaks to stand and stretch, and incorporating physical activity into your daily routine.

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